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PSTIM Treatment

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The P-STIM is the first and only  FDA approved, microchip controlled, micro stimulation appliance for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.  The P-STIM is placed behind the ear with adhesive and generates a low-frequency continual electric pulse which is transmitted to the peripheral nerve endings in the ear via electrode leads.

In many cases, P-STIM not only significantly alleviates pain but also allows a considerably better quality of life.  Studies have shown that the patients’ general health, sleep and activeness are considerably improved.

The P-STIM provides Clinically Proven Pain Relief for Patients Suffering From:


How Does It Work?

In cases of chronic pain, imbalances in the nervous system occur over time which causes the pain to worsen.  The P-STIM® stimulates small nerve ending in the ear.  This stimulation beginnings to correct those imbalances and also results in a release of endorphins which helps decrease the pain.

P-STIM therapy can be used by itself or in conjunction with other therapies as directed by your health care professional.


Why Choose P-STIM Over Other Pain Treatments?

  • P-STIM carries out continuous point stimulation over a four day period.  This treatment  provides the patients a high degree of comfort and mobility.  Most patients have noted they can carry on daily activities without restrictions.
  • PSTIM-Pain-Relief-TreatmentUnlike many drug therapies currently approved for chronic pain management, the P-STIM offers a drug free procedure with none of the side-effects of pain-killers such as impaired reactions, tolerance, dependence or liver damage.  Most patients report a remarkable reduction in symptoms after just one treatment, and in many cases patients who had used the device reported an improvement in overall clarity and quality of life.
  • The P-STIM is placed on an outpatient basis with little or no complications.  This procedure is minimally invasive and the device is easily placed and removed.
  • The P-STIM is very small, light weight (7g) and comfortable enough to wear behind the ear for 4 days.
  • The P-STIM treatment is also covered by Medicare and many other insurance providers.  Please contact us for details specific to your insurance coverage.



P-STIM pain relief treatment is designed to be minimally invasive with virtually no side effects.  Certain medical conditions such as pacemakers, organ transplants, history of seizures or pregnancy may prevent patient participation.  The physician will make the final determination.


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